I watch over four humans (two little ones and two big ones). The big ones think they’re in charge, but it’s the little ones that get my tail in a wagging frenzy.


Confident & Consistent Companions

Lost & Found

Here are just a few pics of some of the dogs we have worked with through the years.  We are thankful to have been able to help so many dogs and their owners!

The Dogs

Sentinel Canine Academy

Welcome to Sentinel Canine Academy, the premier destination for dog training, dog daycare and dog boarding in the Seacoast of NH.  At Sentinel Canine Academy our goal is to provide both you and your dog the best canine experience possible.  We are located on 3 acres of land and have a 6000 sq foot facility. We have over 20000 sq ft of outdoor fenced in area.  Additionally, we are the only facility in southern NH with THREE indoor dog daycare - working - dog training  areas totaling almost 3500 sq feet. 

We focus on your dog in every service that we offer and concentrate on exceptional client service for you the owner.  Your fury family member is in the best hands while here for training, daycare, boarding or grooming and we treat them as part of our family.  It is our mission to help educate owners and work with dogs to allow them to be calm, dependable, and loving members of your family. The Sentinel Canine Academy staff has over 35 years of combined dog experience and is always happy to answer any question that you have.  Please call us today to set up an evaluation.  We make every effort to spend as much time as possible working with the dogs each day so please call ahead to schedule a visit. We look forward to meeting you and your dog!!

If my humans manage to stray from me, please give them a call. I can’t leave them to their own devices for long!